Sunday, January 6, 2008

Bowsie's Forest of Dean Adventure (part ten)

Bowsie and all his friends were relaxing by the small pool.

Bonnington and Boddington were sipping tea.

Emma and Jane had Lemonade.

The Blue Fairy was drinking nectar from a buttercup.

Bowsie was trying to relax, but he had a question nagging him. He turned to the others and said, ‘Why has the litter problem got so bad recently?’

‘We’ve always had a problem,’ said Boddington, ‘but it seems to have got a lot worse.’

‘Especially around the ponds.’ said Bluebell.

Bonnington rubbed his nose gently, ‘When I was in the hospital, everybody was talking about it!’

‘It was so sad to see all those injured animals.’ said Emma and Jane together.

‘The cigarette burns are the worst. I wouldn’t like one of those!’ said Bonnington.

‘Where did you get that metal thing from in the first place?’ asked Bowsie.

‘Down by the large ponds a bit further down the path.’ said Bonnington.

‘I know what we’ll do!’ said Bowsie jumping up suddenly.

‘What!?!’ asked every body at the same time.

‘We’ll keep a watch and see who is leaving all this rubbish’.

‘Wow! Spy on the Litter Louts! You ARE BRAVE BOWSIE!’ said Bonnington, spilling his tea.

‘We know that! ‘ said Emma and Jane together.

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