Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Forest of Dean

The Forest of Dean is a place of natural beauty and poetry as well as mystery and magic. It is the home of beasts and fairies, men and elves. All these elements form the warp and weft of Forest history. Nature and Supernature combine to create this multi-dimensional environment only equalled within the liberties of Old London Town.

Many have come here with the lust for land and domination but none could subdue the spirit of freedom and equality permeating the very air itself and coursing through the bodies of these unique and enchanted beings. Soon they would be absorbed and became part of this body, adding and enhancing the whole.

Every molecule of every breath you breath in the Forest has wafted through the hair or blown the fires or cooled the blood of a thousand Celts, Romans, Anglo-Saxons and Normans who walked these trails.

Within these woods many characters of legend and myth have breathed and walked.

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