Thursday, December 27, 2007

Bowsie's Forest of Dean Adventure (part nine)

After a couple of days of the special ointment and the green spotted bandage and lashings of sweet tea, Bonnington’s nose healed beautifully.

Nurse Florence removed the bandage for the last time and took a good look.

‘This is much better.’ she said.

‘Good! Thank you very much.’ said Bonnington.

‘What do you want to do today?’ said Emma and Jane and Bowsie.

They had come to see Bonnington every day while his bandage was on, but they couldn’t understand anything he said. Now, with the bandage off, his voice was clear again.

‘It’s lovely and sunny today. Let’s go and sit by the pond. It’s just a little way down this path.’ said Bonnington.

‘Goodbye Nurse Florence. Thank you for everything. We’ll be back later.’

They followed the path down to a beautiful quiet spot by a little pond.

‘Oh, it is nice here.’ said Emma and Jane.‘Yes, it is, ‘ said Bowsie, ‘but what are we going to do about all this litter?’.

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