Friday, December 21, 2007

Bowsie's Forest of Dean Adventure (part eight)

First of all, let me take a look at Bonnington’s nose.’ said Florence the Nightingale.

‘Oh dear! How did you do this?’

‘I got my nose stuck in a a shiny cylinder thingy.’ said Bonnington.

‘You should know better at your age!. We’ll soon have you cured. I’ll just rub on some of this special ointment and you’ll have to keep this bandage on for a two days.’

‘Hmnnnmm! Nghgiigj! hnnnmm!’

‘I know you won’t be able to speak or eat, but it will be worth it when you’re better.’

‘Hiimlkklklk! Uyyu! Gneee!’.

‘Cup of tea! If you can’t go without a cup of tea, perhaps you may take the bandage off for a couple of minutes. ‘

‘But you be sure to wipe your nose dry and put the bandage back on.’

‘ssHiiwaaaynccy’ ooo!’

‘You’re welcome.’

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