Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Bowsie's Forest of Dean Adventure (part eleven)

Bowsie and his friends have decided to set up a 24 hour watch for litter louts. They are all very excited.

They trotted down to the Cannop Ponds and walked along the path towards the stone works.

(this is a view of Cannop Pond from The Stone works)

They were shocked by the amount of rubbish that had been left along the bank. There were lots of beer cans, plastic bottle, cigarette packets and even supermarket bags full of rubbish tied to trees!

‘Oh! This is terrible!’ said Bowsie, ‘I didn’t realize it was this bad.’

‘Please be careful. It would be so easy to cut your feet.’

‘It’s not a very pleasant place to bring children.’

‘Or Grannies!’ said Emma and Jane.

‘This is the place to watch.’ said Bowsie.

‘We’ll have to have a rota. Who wants to do the night watch?’

‘We’ll do the night watch.’ said Bonnington and Boddington together, ‘we’ll be awake anyway.’

‘Me too.’ said Bluebell.

‘We’ll do some of the day watch.’ said Emma and Jane together.

‘I’ll fill in the gaps with some Forest friends.’ said Bowsie.

‘Let’s get together on Saturday to discuss our findings.’

‘Anyone for a cuppa!’ said Bonnington.

‘I thought you’d never ask!’ said Boddington.

So they all went back to Bonnington and Boddington’s sett for a nice cup of tea. They were all very excited about the adventure and little bit frightened too.

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