Monday, February 18, 2008

(12) The Night Watch

Bonnington and Boddington are doing the night watch. They are happy with that. It is their best time of day. Their eyesight is perfectly adapted for seeing things in the dark. Their sense of smell gives them an early warning of anything untoward.

Bonnington and Boddington are very brave badgers. They are afraid of nothing… but tonight is not like any other night.

‘If we see the litter louts, should we say anything?’ says Bonnington

‘No! Bowsie asked us to watch what they do and find out who they are’ said Boddington.

‘Find out who they are? They are the Tall People like Emma and Jane only very naughty.’ said Bonnington.

‘That’s right.’ said Boddington.

‘I’m confused now,’ said Bonnington, ‘let’s have a nice cup of tea!’
‘We are two miles away from the sett. How can we have a cup of tea?’

‘Emma lent me a special bottle for keeping tea hot, called a “Thermos”, look.’ and with that Bonnington poured two cups of strong tea.

‘Two sugars, please!’ said Boddington.

‘Hmmmmm! Hmmmm!’ said Bonnington and Boddington together.

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