Monday, November 12, 2007

Black Penny Wall Well

The blue fairy was sat upon a stone crying. She was so pleased to see Bowsie that she didn't notice that Emma and Jane were there too.

'Oh Bowsie. I'm so glad you've come today! ' said the blue fairy, in a voice like the tinkling of little bluebells.

Emma and Jane had forgotten that when they entered a fairy circle, they could understand every word that Bowsie said. Normally, his voice sounded like two high pitched squeaks, 'EE EEE'.

They were surprised when they heard Bowsie say, 'What is the matter Bluebell? Why are you crying?'

Just at that moment an elf stepped from behind a stone and said, 'Be careful Bluebell! There are two TALL PEOPLE in the circle!'

Emma and Jane looked around searching for the TALL PEOPLE. Then they realized that the elf was talking about them!

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Emma said...

Bowsie is still safely snuggled in my sock drawer, but she was talking in her sleep today. She said she worried that Mr Hunt might be lonely without her special visits. I found this website that I thought might cheer up all the people who were missing Bowise over the winter, as it is all about hibernation.
Love Emma