Thursday, November 29, 2007

Stop 3 - An Evergreen Forest

There are few tall green plants like grasses and rushes growing here: it is far too dark. Only mosses are able to manage on some of the stumps and stones.

There are stumps from old woodland that was here, and from the thinnings of present woodland.

Later, as the wood grows older, it will be ‘thinned’ again, pools of light will penetrate the canopy and the vegetation will return.

How thick are the spruce needles on the ground? They decay slowly compared with the leaves of an oak wood.

What causes the leaves and stumps to decay?

What would the world be like if nothing decayed?

Cross the forest ride

This text was written by B. V. Cave of the Wilderness Wildlife Centre Mitcheldean for the Forestry Commission 'Boy's Grave and Forest Trail'.

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