Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bowsie's Forest of Dean Adventure (part six)

‘What I could do with now, is a nice cup of tea!’ said Bonnington.

‘Kettle’s on!’ said Boddington.

They all sat down for a nice cup of tea.

‘Ouch!’ said Bonnington.

‘…and ooohh!’ he said again.

‘I can’t drink this. My snout is too sore!’

And his snout did look very red and there were little cuts on it where the sharp edges of the can had cut in.

‘We’d better take you to the hospital.’ said Bluebell.

‘Can you walk?’ asked Emma and Jane.

‘I’m fine. It’s not far to Florence’s Hospital. I hope they are not too busy!’

‘It’s just down here at the end of the ride.’

‘Careful! Sometimes the spruce needles can be quite sharp.’ Said Bluebell

They were now surrounded on either side by the Evergreen Wood. As they walked along the ride, they were joined by other another friends who had heard the voices and wondered what was going on. Two young fallow deer followed behind. Squirrels leapt from branch to branch chattering to each other.

‘Look. It’s Bonnington. He’s hurt.’
‘They are taking him to Florence the Nightingale’s Hospital.’

When they came to the Deciduous Wood, they pass the Holly Tree to a small clearing.

There was a small wooden sign, ‘Florence the Nightingale’s Woodland Hospital’.

The clearing was full of injured animals and birds.

Florence flew down to a branch close to Bonnington and said, ‘Please come in and find a moss bed. We are very busy, as you can see…’

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