Saturday, November 17, 2007

Bowsie's Forest of Dean Adventure (part three)

‘Why don’t you get on with the story?’ said Boddington.

‘Which story?’ said Bonnington.

‘The story about Bowsie and Bluebell at the Black Penny Wall Well in the Forest of Dean. You got to the bit where Bluebell, the blue fairy, was sitting on a stone sobbing.’ said Boddington.

‘Yes, yes. I remember now.’ said Bonnington, thoughtfully, ‘But why was she crying?’

‘You should remember. It was your fault. You are always poking your nose into things!’

‘Should I? Was it? Am I?’

‘Dooooh!’ said Boddington, getting very impatient.

‘Yes, I remember now, it was my fault.’ said Bonnington.

‘Well, why don’t you finish the story then?’ sighed Boddington.

‘I’m tired Boddington. You do it.’

‘OK. If you insist. You are hopeless at telling stories anyway!...’

‘As you were saying, Bluebell, the fairy, was sitting on the large moss-covered stone crying.’

She was so pleased and relieved to see Bowsie, but she could not stop crying as she told Bowsie about what had happened.

‘It’s Bonnington,’ she sobbed ‘he’s got his nose stuck in one of those horrible metal cylinders the TALL PEOPLE throw about all over the forest. Nobody can help him.’

‘Is it a beer can? Asked Emma.

‘Yes.’ said Bluebell.

‘Litter louts!’ said Jane.

'Vandals! said Bowsie.

'You can speak!!!' said Jane and Emma together.

'You can understand me because you are standing in a MAGIC FAIRY CIRCLE.' said Bowsie.

'I can hear the kettle whistling, it must be boiling!' said Bonnington.

'Me too! Sorry, tea-time, must be off.' said Boddington

'Me too.' said Bonnington.


Bonnington xxx and Boddington xxx

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