Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bowsie's Forest of Dean Adventure (part four)

‘I’m feeling better now after that cup of tea.’ said Bonnington.

‘Me too!’ said Boddington.

‘Get on with the story then!’

‘I will, I will…..’ said Boddington.

Emma and Jane got over the shock of hearing Bowsie speak very quickly.

Bluebell had told them that Bonnington, Bowsie’s best friend (or at least one of them), had a beer can stuck on his nose.

‘Can we help?’ said Emma and Jane together in unison.

‘I was hoping you would say that.’ said Bluebell.

‘Bonnington is down the path in the Spruce Wood plantation. You will find a mossy bank beneath a Sweet Chestnut Tree. You’ll find him there.’ said Bluebell. She had stopped sobbing now that help was at hand.

‘I’ll fly down and meet you there. Once we leave the MAGIC FAIRY CIRCLE you won’t be able to see or hear me any more, but the mossy bank is another Magic Fairy place.’

‘Please hurry!’ and off she flew with a flutter of her gossamer wings.

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