Thursday, November 22, 2007

Bowsie's Forest of Dean Adventure (part five)

Bluebell flew out of the MAGIC FAIRY CIRCLE and disappeared!

‘Where has she gone?’ said Emma.

‘Down the hill!’ shouted Bowsie and then he ran out of the MAGIC FAIRY CIRCLE.

‘EEE EEE!” he said.

‘That’s it - we can’t understand him anymore.’ said Jane.

‘Please hurry,’ said the Elf ‘you can help Bonnington’, and he ran out of the MAGIC FAIRY CIRCLE.

Down the hill they all raced.

They soon came to a beautiful plantation of Norway Spruce.

‘Christmas Trees! This is it.’ said Jane.

‘There’s the Sweet Chestnut Tree!’ said Emma, out of breath now.

‘And there’s the moss-covered bank and a beautiful Badger – but there is something blue and shiny stuck on his nose.’

Bluebell suddenly appeared on the mossy bank. ‘This is Bonnington. Please help.’

Emma carefully lifted Bonnington and sat him on her lap. He was warm and quiet heavy. His eyes were full of tears.

Jane had a good look at how the beer can was attached to his snout.

‘I think I can do it without hurting you too much.’ she said to Bonnington.

She placed her handkerchief around his nose, on the edge of the can and gently tugged.

The can slid over Bonnington’s snout and he was free!

‘Hurray!’ shouted the Bluebell and the Elf.

‘Hurray!’ shouted Bowsie.

‘Thank you very much.’ said Bonnington with a very nasal voice.

‘Hurray for Emma and Jane!!!’ said everybody at once and they held hands and danced and danced on the mossy bank

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