Thursday, November 1, 2007

How Bowsie got his name (Part Two)

Emma and Jane carried me carefully into their house.

It was nice and warm and I had a good look round.

“I remember that!” said Sidney the house mouse.

Sidney used to live up Emma and Jane’s Daddy’s sleeve! Every so often he would poke his head out and surprise everybody – especially Jane. Look how cheeky he is in the picture!

“I remember you coming to the house for the first time. You had your nose into everything!”

“I’m not nosey!” I said.

“Oh yes you are! In fact Jane wanted to call you Nosey, but Emma didn’t like it.” Said Sidney.

“No, they wanted to call me Cosy because I snuggled up in the cushions on the couch!”

“That was Emma’s idea.” squeaked Sidney.

“I remember Emma and Jane saying ‘Dozy, Cosy, Rosie, Nosey – what shall we call him. We’ll never agree!”

“That’s right”….

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Emma said...

One winters day Emma and Jane were busy getting ready for Christmas and I was asleep in my box of ribbons. Emma ran over and picked me up.
"Aren't you excited about Christmas Bowsie" said Emma and swung me around in the air.
Emma put me down and Jane came over.
"I'd like to find out about dormice" and they went onto the computer and looked at: